Global fashion brand Helmut Lang launches designer collection in Merthyr Tydfil

Credit: Helmut Lang/Alex Leese photography

The south Wales Valleys are known for lots of things.

Mining, rugby and a strong community spirit to name a few. Now to add to that list, it could be known as the ideal location for high fashion campaigns.

Luxury clothing brand Helmut Lang launched its Fall 2018 collection featuring women from around south Wales as its models.

Titled 'The Women of Wales', the company chose to feature women of an older age talking about their love of the country while modelling the collection.

Former funeral director Margaret from Merthyr Tydfil also features in the campaign Credit: Helmut Lang / Luke Casey / Alex Leese / Charlotte James

Margaret, 86, who is a former funeral director, is featured on the front page of the company's website modelling an outfit from the new collection.

"What do I think about Wales? I can't say it's the weather can I? I love Wales. I am Wales through and through", Maggie says in the campaign video.

Creative Director, Stylist and Casting Director Charlotte James, who has been doing fashion projects in the community for a number of years, says she feels like she has a "connection" to Merthyr Tydfil.

The fashion brand was created by Austrian fashion designer Helmut Lang in 1986.

Lang became known for its simplistic and refined designs in the 1980s and the clothes were sold in department stores around the world.

Helmut Lang left the label in 2005 and it was acquired by the Prada Group which later sold it to Link Theory of Japan in 2006.

Fashion shoots are usually shot in glitzy locations featuring celebrities and top models - but this has a different feel.

Dilys, who is also 86, and holds the record the oldest female skydiver is another face of the campaign.

She is featured wearing a blue corduroy pant suit which is priced at more than $1,000. She was interviewed for the shoot and spoke about her passion for skydiving.