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'This valley, it feels like a forgotten valley': Residents react to bus service cuts in Ebbw Vale

Residents of a valleys mining village say cuts to the local bus service has left people feeling isolated and lonely.

Those living in Cwm, three miles from Ebbw Vale, say a reduction in their local bus service has left them "like prisoners" in their own village.

Residents of Ebbw Vale feel they have lost a lifeline.
The village of Cwm, three miles outside of Ebbw Vale. Credit: Bing

Bus company Stagecoach runs an hourly service which stops in Cwm Monday to Saturday. There are no buses on a Sunday.

74-year-old Sandra Williams moved to the village for the public transport outside her home, she said initially the service was "really, really good".

"But now we only have the one. I do feel like my independence has gone because I now have to rely on my children".

Sandra Williams struggles with her mobility, she moved to Cwm for the good bus service.

Stagecoach, which operates the service, say bus patronage has been in decline.

Stagecoach do not cut lucrative bus services, we aim to respond to our customers' needs... We are looking for Blaenau Gwent Local Authority to invest in infrastructure to support local bus services.

– Stagecoach spokesperson

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council say it is working within a "very limited" budget.

The council has a very limited budget to support the provision of bus services, and this is already utilised to fully support the current evening services of the bus which passes through Cwm.

– Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council