The Village: New ITV Cymru Wales series starring the people of Portmeirion

The people of Portmeirion are the stars of a new ITV Cymru Wales series, The Village. The series features the men and women who help to run one of Wales' premier visitor attractions.

ITV Cymru Wales cameras were given unique access to show a year in the life of the iconic community near Porthmadog in Gwynedd, north Wales.

The series focuses on the staff and characters who bring the village of Portmeirion to life. From the Managing Director, to the chef and wedding planner - some of whom have worked in the village for decades.

One of those people is Martin Couture who has worked at Portmeirion since he was 16-years-old, wracking up 42-years of service.

Now the Head Painter and Decorator, he tells the programme how he maintains the villages original colours and style.

Head housekeeper Rhian Roberts is described as "the critical cog" in the Portmeirion machine. She helps look after the two four-star hotels and a range of holiday cottages on the house.

"Our job here is to keep the people who come here as happy as possible and that's our aim really, isn't it".

Rhian the housekeeper has been working at the village for 22 years.

Rhian said after 22 years of service she's "very fond of the place."

"I enjoy my work".

Managing Director Robin Llywelyn has family links to the village.

Portmeirion was the backdrop for the pioneering 1960s television show 'The Prisoner'. Now it attracts some 200,000 visitors a year.

The Italian style village was created by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1973, and the attraction has stayed in the family. Now his grandson, Robin Llywelyn, is Managing Director of the village.

Robin is determined to keep the village how his grandad intended it.

The series was created by Slam Media in partnership with Anglesey-based brand design and media company Cread Cyf.

The Village is broadcast on ITV Cymru Wales on Mondays at 8pm, starting Monday 15 April.

The programme will also be available online at