Welsh Government will now campaign to remain in the European Union

Credit: PA

The Welsh Government has officially shifted its position on Brexit. It will now primarily argue for the UK to stay in the EU, rather than for its previous proposals for leaving with a deal on the single market and customs union which it said would protect Welsh jobs, prosperity and security.

Brexit minister Jeremy Miles told AMs that it was clear that there was no appetite in the Conservative party at Westminster for the kind of Brexit deal that the Welsh Government might have found acceptable.

In shifting position, Jeremy Miles formally abandoned the White Paper agreed with Plaid Cymru 'Securing Wales' Future', which envisaged Britain leaving the EU. He argued that since Adam Price replaced Leanne Wood as Plaid's leader that party had already moved on.

The Brexit Party's leader in the Assembly, Mark Reckless, also condemned the change of course.

Plaid Cymru welcomed the change of policy.

Plaid Cymru has tabled a motion for AMs to debate tomorrow, calling on the Assembly to declare its unequivocal support for a confirmatory referendum on any proposal by the next Prime Minister to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, with remain on the ballot paper. The Welsh Government now looks likely to back that motion.