Barry residents say Gavin & Stacey filming ‘causing chaos’ on their street

Fans gathered on Trinity Street, Barry, for the filming for Gavin & Stacey Credit: PA

Residents in Barry say they are furious after TV crews and hoards of fans distributed the area for the filming of the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special.

Neighbours who live on the Barry street have complained about being kept up all night by bright lights from the crew.

Laura Davies, 40, who lives on Trinity Street in Barry said the set has brought chaos.

Crowds gather to watch the filming of Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special Credit: PA

She said: "I phoned the council to complain about road closures when they aren't even filming. It is stopping me from getting out and about to take the children to school.

"They are filming all through the night too using bright spotlights that are keeping me up. I took a picture out of my window at three am and you can see all the crew and Ruth Jones just milling about. … Every single person in this street is unhappy."

Neighbour Neil Evans said people are hanging around outside until 3am. He said: “One family sat on the pavement with a takeaway and made an evening of it."

The crew have reportedly been disrespectful to locals with security staff telling residents to move their cars. A resident, Lynnmarie Mayberry, added “even someone with a disability parking space who needs it was asked to move. This was about two or more hours before the road was due to be cornered off.”

"I feel there could be more done to make residents feel a little bit calmer and less disrupted about the filming.

Residents believe that they should have more measures in place to stop fans from causing disruption and infringing on their lives.

The stars of Gavin & Stacey have been filming on Trinity Street since July 12th and it is unconfirmed when crews are due to leave.

Vale of Glamorgan council have been asked to comment but failed to respond.