Disabled residents blockaded a road in protest at parents on schools runs parking outside their homes.

Mark Stephens and Mark Williams strung a chain across Thomas Court in Wrexham to stop vehicles blocking the road and pavements when they pick their children up from Ysgol Bodhyfryd.

Mr Stephens, 56, said when asking parents not to park there they were met with abuse.

He said: "Over the last few years now there have been parents coming down, parking and blocking the road, blocking the pavements

"Mr Wiliams has cerebral palsy and can't use the footpaths and if you say anything to the parents you are met with loads of abuse.

"There is one double amputee down the road, he asked somebody to move and he was chased up his drive.

We asked the council three months ago for traffic calming measures and for a speed survey along Monger Road, we are still waiting. It's only now we have put this up, it has brought it to a head.

Mark Stephens
Mark Stephens and Mark Williams strung a chain across to stop parents parking

Police kept an eye on the action and while some parents were unhappy, others supported the move.

One parent who walked past was critical and shouted "You own the road now do you? You must have a pretty sad life."

But parent Chris Tattum, who was picking up his children, said: "I support their action. It is causing problems and I have seen parents speeding down here to drop their children off."

Another parent added: "I can see where they are coming from. Earlier a parent parked and blocked the entrance where we are standing up to the school."

Local county councillor for Hermitage, Graham Rogers, who was at the scene, said: "This is a problem that happens at schools across the county.

It is unfortunate when residents have to do this because of the problems being caused. It is not going to solve the problem, if you block off one area for parents to park, it will only push the problem elsewhere.

Graham Rogers, councillot for Hermitage

A Wrexham County Borough Council spokesman said: “Officers had the chance to meet with the local member to discuss the issues of parking and access on Thomas Court.”

Mr Stephens said they would put the chain up again when needed.

Police were in the area to oversee the protest