Historic night for Conservatives in Wales as Labour's 'red wall' crumbles

Wales' first three female Conservative MPs have been elected as the Tories cruised to a parliamentary majority in the general election.

It was the Conservatives' best Welsh election result since 1983and their biggest gain came in Wrexham, a seat they won for the first time ever.

Following an historic night, Boris Johnson said it is time for the country to find "closure" from the divisions of Brexit and "let the healing begin".

In a speech outside No.10 following a triumphant victory, the prime minister reached out to Remain backers telling them he would "never ignore" the "positive feelings of warmth and sympathy towards the other nations of Europe".

He added added: "I frankly urge everyone on either side of what are, after three-and-a-half years, a frequently arid argument, I urge everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin."

Sarah Atherton won the seat with 2,131 majority in Wrexham which made her Wales' first female Conservative MP.

In her first speech as MP for Wrexham she said “Wrexham has voted for change, now let’s get Brexit done.”

The losing Labour candidate in Wrexham, Mary Wimbury said, “You can only do so much on the ground, national factors were at play, beyond our control locally.”

Sarah Atherton was joined later in the night by Virginia Crosbie who took Ynys Môn and Fay Jones who won Brecon and Radnorshire.

In all the Tories turned Wrexham, Ynys Môn, Bridgend, Vale of Clwyd, Clwyd South and Delyn from red to blue.

Despite losing six seats to the Conservatives, Labour remains the largest party in Wales.

Plaid Cymru held their four seats, while the Liberal Democrats were wiped off the map.

Labour's red wall fell apart in north Wales as Boris Johnson’s simple message of “Get Brexit done” appears to have gone down well on the doorstep.

Wrexham and Vale of Clwyd were the top two targets in Wales for the Conservatives heading into the election and they were the first to fall.

The Conservatives pulled off shock wins in Ynys Môn and Clwyd South and gained Delyn too.

Mark Tami was the only Labour MP left unscathed in the north as he won Alyn and Deeside with a slim 213 majority.

Reacting to Conservative success in Wales, Paul Davies AM praised Boris Johnson for a "positive campaign" and congratulated Tory colleague who won seats.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said he still believes the agenda set by Jeremy Corbyn is "still the right agenda for our country".

"A focus on those families who struggle with poverty every day, investment in our public services, being serious about climate change - that's been the Corbyn agenda.

"We will have to work in new ways to persuade people to support that. In a very disappointing evening, we will remain, not just the largest party, but the party that has won more than half the seats in Wales".

In the south, the Conservatives gained one seat, but it was no less significant as Bridgend turned blue.

Jamie Wallis won the seat from Madeleine Moon who had held the seat from 2005.

In an emotional interview, she told ITV News she was "obviously disappointed".

"The voters have been very clear - they have not been happy with the agenda of the Labour party. They've not been happy with the leadership and we had the consequences here".

Labour managed to hold on to Gower and Cardiff North which were both top Tory targets.

Tonia Antoniazzi held on to the Gower seat she won in 2017, despite it being the Tories' third highest target in Wales.


It was a disastrous night for the Liberal Democrats who lost their only seat in Wales.

Fay Jones regained Brecon and Radnorshire for the Conservatives, ending Jane Dodd's parliamentary career after just a few months.

Jane Dodds described the results as a "really rough night."

"We came agonisingly close to winning swathes more MPs and sadly many committed colleagues lost their seats, including our leader Jo Swinson.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to hold this Conservative government to account and hold its feet to the fire on climate change, rural broadband, universal credit and so much more."

Plaid Cymru held on to Ceredigion in what had been Wales' most marginal seat after Hywel Williams won Arfonm but were disappointed to come third in Ynys Môn.

Leader Adam Price reflected on the party's performance and said, "the red wall may have crumbled faced with that blue wave, but the green dam stood strong. How can we build it higher in other parts of Wales?

"It’s hard today not to feel sad, even worried about the future of Wales. But don’t lose hope.

"Plaid becoming the Government here in Wales in 2021 is vital."

Mr Price said Plaid becoming the government in Wales in 2021 is 'vital' Credit: PA Images

Labour winners and losers joined in calls for Jeremy Corbyn to step down as leader.

Tonia Antoniazzi said it was time for Jeremy Corbyn to "move on."

Jo Stevens was re-elected in Cardiff Central but said she was "so disappointed at the losses we've seen in Wales."

"People saying to me they weren't going to vote Labour had a number of reasons for doing so... but we have to accept the public don't want a party led by Jeremy Corbyn."

The Conservatives' only problem is they now have to find a new Welsh Secretary.

Alun Cairns resigned during the election campaign and although he was reselected in the Vale of Glamorgan, he is unlikely to return to government.