Welsh war veteran Simon Weston pays tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh

Simon Weston pays tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh

Simon Weston, a Welsh veteran of the Falklands war in the 1980s, has joined in paying tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh after his death aged 99.

Prince Philip's death was announced by Buckingham Palace on Friday, with events being held over the weekend to pay respects.

The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral will be held next Saturday, it was also announced.

Speaking to ITV Cymru Wales, Mr Weston said he fondly admired Prince Philip and had a profound sense of respect for him.

"I'll always think fondly of The Duke of Edinburgh," Mr Weston said.

"He made me laugh almost every time I ever met him. Something passed between us that was just humorous, he was just a very funny guy.

"He was of a type of person that we are fast losing. He was very, very honest in the things he said, he was very straight to the point."

In 1982, Prince Philip awarded Simon Weston with the South Atlantic Medal after he was badly wounded in the Falklands War Credit: PA

Discussing the two men's military backgrounds, Prince Philip was said to have had a promising naval career ahead of him before marrying the Queen, Mr Weston said their shared experience may have led them to have a strong connection.

He explained: "I suspect there is something in that [that they bonded over a shared military experience].

"There is a lot that passes between people and eras and age groups, a sense of honesty and forthrightness and it is never a bad thing."

Mr Weston was full of praise for what he felt was a strong sense of sincerity and authenticity from Prince Philip.

He said: "You only wish that perhaps he would have been a politician. Because we'd have been in no doubt as to what he meant and what he was trying to say and how he was going to achieve it. I like that in people."

Flags at Cardiff Castle were flown at half mast following the announcement of Prince Philip's death Credit: PA Images

Buckingham Palace announced that Philip's ceremonial royal funeral will take place on April 17 in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, and a national minute's silence will be observed as it begins at 3pm.

The Palace said Prince Philip's funeral would be "modified" to adhere to existing coronavirus regulations.

In a statement the Palace said: "During the coronavirus pandemic, and in light of current Government advice and social distancing guidelines, modified funeral and ceremonial arrangements for His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh are being considered by Her Majesty The Queen."

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