The beeping beagle: Meet Bobi the dog who's learnt to blow the horn when his owner leaves him behind

A dog who's fed up of being left behind when his owners go shopping has learnt a quick trick to get their attention.

Bobi the beagle leans on the steering wheel, blasting the car's horn until someone comes running.

His latest stunt was caught on camera by owners, guitarist Huw Bunford from pop group Super Furry Animals and his partner Tabitha Bray.

In the video, Bobi can be seen blasting the horn when he wasn't taken in to visit a pottery workshop in Bridgend with Huw and Tabitha.

Tabitha said Bobi's horn beeping antics are fuelled by frustration of being left behind.

"He’s learned to sound the horn whenever we’ve left him in the car to do whatever – go into a supermarket to buy us food for example. He’s so annoyed he’s not allowed in.

"Huw is often to be seen scampering out of a shop to appease him!”

It's clear from the video that Huw is now used to Bobi's beeping as he's heard chuckling and saying: "he does it all the time".