RSPCA charity shop 'saddened' as people steal donations and urinate on them in Llandudno

Donations outside the charity shop have been urinated on and set on fire. Credit: RSPCA

A charity shop in north Wales has said it is "saddened and concerned" after people stole donations and urinated on clothes.

The RSPCA branch in Llandudno has been targeted with a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour.

During the night, donations have been stolen, thrown on the pavement, urinated on and even set on fire outside the shop.

The charity said: "We are extremely grateful for donations and welcomes them to be left outside the Mostyn Avenue shop inside a donation bin - but, on occasions, items are being left on the floor which the charity are not even able to accept and struggle to dispose of."

Police are aware of the issues and have increased patrols in the area.

The branch has been raising funds for local animals in need for the past 20 years. Credit: RSPCA

Carl Lloyd from the RSPCA said: "There appears to be a range of people doing this and we are aware of things being taken most nights. It is very sad to think that people are resorting to this and would urge anyone who is struggling to seek help.

"We introduced the donation bin to encourage donors to not leave items outside the shop as unfortunately some just leave things on the floor, particularly larger items that we also can’t accept. But even with the bin we still get a lot of bags and large items being left outside.

"It means as well as donations being taken in the night - we see things being thrown on the floor, people have urinated on the items and someone even tried to set fire to them. As a branch we really are saddened and concerned about this and really hope it all stops soon.

"We would urge those donating any items that can’t fit in the donation bin to please hand them into a staff member when we are open so we can ensure they are safe and that they are items that we can take."

The charity shop has been raising funds for local animals in need for more than 20 years.

Carl added: "We have some fantastic supporters in Llandudno and from the surrounding areas and we’d like to thank everyone who has made donations to us or who has visited us in our shop. We couldn’t do what we do for the animals in our area without you."

A spokesperson from North Wales Police said: "We have received reports of anti-social behaviour and ‘fly tipping’ late at night, at the RSPCA shop on Mostyn Avenue, Craig Y Don. Local officers have spoken to the RSPCA, and have increased patrols in the area.

"Anyone with any information regarding these ongoing incidents should contact us via our live web chat online, or on 101 quoting reference B078969."