Would you pay more council tax to save police jobs?

Tony Hogg says up to 1300 police jobs could be lost. Credit: ITV West Country

The Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall has given a stark warning about what could happen if the government makes planned cuts of £54 million.

Shaun Sawyer told the Police and Crime panel today that losing what is 20% of his budget would mean stopping many of the things the public want the police today. He said the public would see fewer officers on the streets, solving "the low-level problems which actually blight most people's lives". The Police and Crime Commissioner is planning a referendum to ask voters if they'd be willing to pay extra on their council tax to reduce the impact of this.

Tony Hogg says an extra 50p a week could save 350 jobs - out of 1,300 which could be lost. Would you be willing to pay this?