Fishermen selling sustainable catch straight to top London restaurants for 25% more money

Sustainable fishing makes 25% profit for Lyme fishermen Credit: ITV West Country

Fishermen in Lyme Bay say they are getting 25% more money for their catch since they started branding it and selling directly to restaurants in London.

The new strategy is part of an attempt by fishermen and conservationists to preserve fish numbers.

The Lyme Bay Reserve is a partnership between the fishermen, fisheries managers, scientists and conservationists. It's evolved from a plan to limit fishing and protect reefs into a scheme which hopes to benefit everyone's interests. It's the first of its kind in the country and has been co-ordinated by the Blue Marine Foundation.

Credit: ITV West Country

Angus Walker is one of around 40 fishermen in the bay who've agreed to work with conservationists. They follow a code of conduct to protect stocks and, as many chefs like to promote sustainability, their catch is now selling at a premium.

The catch is collected in Axmouth and Beer and taken straight to top London restaurants which are willing to pay a premium because they know the fish has been caught sustainably.