Scrap metal soldier built from old horse shoes and spanners to commemorate Great War

A figure of a soldier from the First World War has been created from scrap metal in Dorset to commemorate the sacrifices made by thousands of men from the region in the Great War.

Standing at more than six metres and made from items including spanners, brake discs and horse shoes the soldier took a blacksmith three months to make.

He's an imposing figure with a corroded complexion reflecting the weathered look of a soldier weary from war.

The soldier is a commission from a forge near Sherborne for private clients who plan to display him next year.

The forge says he catches the eye of most people passing by and they often stop to admire him.

The soldier was built by Martin Galbavy, a Slovakian blacksmith and artist. It has taken him three months to of hard work to weld the statue together.

It is now a hundred years since some of the bloodiest battles of the Great War when many millions lost their lives around the world.

This one proud figure standing tall is there as a reminder of those sacrifices.

The scrap metal soldier is made from old spanners, brake discs and horse shoes among other things. Credit: ITV News