Appeal to find stolen litter of puppies

A litter of puppies have been stolen from a Wiltshire home.

Owner Jo Carlin was devastated to find her cocker spaniel puppies had been taken from her farm in Bishops Cannings near Devizes.

She's appealing to the public for information of where they might be.

Credit: Jo Carlin

There were 7 in the litter, 2 had already gone to new homes leaving 5.

The thieves took 4 of the pack leaving a little girl all on her own, Jo believes this is because she is more timid than the others and less likely to go to a stranger.

The pups had been playing outside the house while Jo and her husband were indoors feet away from them when they were stolen.

Credit: Jo Carlin

Jo says that the farm's 6 ft fence was pulled aside by the thieves.

Police and the RSPCA have been notified.