Halloween 2017: Ghost hunting at Jamaica Inn

Halloween could be worth up to £40 million to the South West's economy. Credit: ITV News Westcountry

Halloween night will soon be upon us, and with 'Paranormal Tourism' reportedly worth up to £40 million a year to the South West, we sent our reporter Nick Smith on a ghost hunt to Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor.

The building dates back to 1750, and was built in a golden age of pirates and smugglers who used the inn as a meeting point.

Some argue... a few of them have never truly left...

Jamaica Inn was made famous by the novel bearing the same name by Daphne du Maurier. Credit: ITV News Westcountry

Many years ago a stranger stood at the bar enjoying a tankard of ale. Upon being summoned outside, he left the half-finished ale and stepped out into the night. That was the last time he was seen alive. The next morning his corpse was found on the bleak moor, but the manner of his death and the identity of his assailant still remain a mystery.

Previous landlords, upon hearing footsteps tramping along the passage to the bar, believe it is the dead man's spirit returning to finish his drink.

In 1911 there was much interest and correspondence in the press concerning a strange man who had been seen by many people, sitting on the wall outside the Inn. He neither spoke nor moved nor acknowledged a greeting, but his appearance was uncannily like the murdered stranger. Could this be the dead man's ghost? And what strange compulsion drove it to return to the same spot so often?

Ghost Hunts are now a key part of the Inn's business. Credit: ITV News Westcountry
Paranormal Investigator Colin Symonds inspects one of the supposedly haunted rooms. Credit: ITV News Westcountry

The Inn now hosts its own 'ghost hunting' nights with teams of experienced paranormal investigators.

Watch the report in full, as Nick Smith dared to spend the night hunting for spirits ...