WWII veteran wants medals for RAF bombers

Ivor Foster was a gunner with Bomber Command. Credit: ITV News

A 92-year-old war veteran from Plymouth is calling for RAF 'bomber boys' to be given medals for their service during World War Two.

Ivor Foster was a gunner with Bomber Command, who risked his life in his fight against the Nazis.

The traditional Air Crew Europe Star medal was discontinued in June 1944.

Ivor, known as Blondie when he was in the Air Force, was 19 when he became a Gunner - Bomber Command's task - to carry out strategic bombing operations.

Up until D-Day - Bomber Crews were awarded medals - but then, with no reason given in 1944 Churchill stopped their issue.

There were 125,000 'bomber boys' - more than 55,000 of them were killed in action.

Here form Ivor here: