Cheese rolling hero wins 21st race in Gloucestershire

Cooper's Hill, Gloucestershire Credit: ITV West Country

The annual tradition of fearless competitors chasing down a nearly vertical hill after a roll of cheese returned to Gloucestershire this half term.

The event is deemed so dangerous it can't be insured but there was no shortage of people from home and abroad willing to risk life and limb for a double Gloucester.

Cheese Champion Chris Anderson claims his 21st win Credit: ITV West Country

Local hero Chris Anderson claimed a record 21st win in a row for the double Gloucester only to reveal he doesn't like the taste and will auction it for charity.

More than 2,000 spectators from around the world were happy just to watch the competitors.

However some like Nathan Anstey, the near-naked Aussie, travelled thousands of mile to have a go.

Inevitably injuries included a broken ankle, concussion and a dislocated shoulder suffered by the women's winner Flo Early.

Women's Winner Flo Early Credit: ITV West Country