Council makes nearly £200,000 in fines as drivers continue to use new M32 Metrobus junction

Bristol City Council have made almost £200,000 in fines from people using the new M32 flyover. Credit: ITV News

A new junction off the M32 has generated nearly £200,000 in fines from drivers not realising it's only for Metrobuses.

Almost 10,000 drivers have been caught using the route which is a short cut to Stapleton.

They face fines of up to £60 for using the new flyover which was first installed in 2016.

In just three months Bristol City Council has made more than £186,000 in fines from unauthorised vehicles using the junction.

A spokesperson told ITV West Country:

"The bridge and the surrounding roads leading up to it have been clearly marked as a bus only route since it was created and it remains a crucial element of the Metrobus route, helping it to be quicker and more reliable than other bus services. 24 hour CCTV is in place along the bridge and we will issue penalty notices for up to £60 to anyone caught using this route without permission."

Spokesperson, Bristol City Council