A man living in Bristol who fears he could be murdered by Islamic extremist networks is pleading with the UK government to stop his deportation.

Azeem Wazir is a Pakistani Christian, who has made a life for himself in the UK and become ingrained in his church community in Bristol.

He fled his home in Pakistan in 2015, leaving behind his wife and comfortable lifestyle because he 'feared for his life'.

For the last four years he has tried to obtain asylum status, but all attempts have been denied and he was arrested last week.

Azeem has become an important part of his local community, with thousands signing a petition to try and save him from deportation

Azeem was involved in the 'Stop Killing Christians' campaign, protesting against the blasphemy law and the fatal punishments it carries.

He has been accused of 'dishonouring the religion of Islam, prophets, Quran and Muhammad' and was issued with a Fatwa, a formal ruling on Islamic law.

Azeem has said if he were to be deported to Pakistan he would face the death penalty for blasphemy, if he is not murdered by extremists first.

Azeem has had a Fatwa issued to him, calling for his death

A petition has been launched to urge the Home Office to review Azeem's case, and stop his deportation on the 12th of May.

The petition requests that Azeem be released from Colnbrook detention centre where he is currently being held, and that he is given enough time to build his case for remaining in the UK.

ITV West Country have approached the Home Office for comment on Azeem's case.