Mary Jane's cafe in Bristol has opened, serving CBD-infused coffee

Mary Jane's cafe in Bristol have started selling Cannabidiol-infused coffees Credit: ITV News

A new cafe has opened in Bristol, specialising in CBD-enhanced coffee.

Mary Jane's coffee shop opened its doors on Whiteladies Road at the end of May, and will be the flagship store for the brand.

Ethically-sourced coffee will be ground specifically to infuse with CBD oil - a product which derives from the cannabis plant.

The cafe's founder has said the coffee is a 'better tasting' way of consuming cannabidiol Credit: ITV News

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. People use it to try and alleviate symptoms of conditions including anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

The success of the drug's effect on these symptoms is largely anecdotal, as not enough research and testing has been done to confirm its legitimacy.

However, campaigners and supporters of the drug have long-claimed the stigma attached to cannabis use is preventing real medical progress being made.

Short answer: no.

CBD oil is taken from the hemp plant, which is naturally high in CBD components but low in THC (the part of the plant which causes hallucinations and the sensation of being 'high').

Customers of Bristol CBD have claimed the supplement has improved various symptoms Credit: ITV News