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Scissor-wielding burglar jailed for attack on Police Community Support Officer in Taunton

Sam Reynolds pleaded guilty to Actual Bodily Harm, among other offences, at Taunton Crown Court Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A man has been sentenced to five years in prison after attacking a PCSO with a pair of scissors while he was being arrested.

PCSO Sam Bushen arrested 35-year-old Sam Reynolds under suspicion of burglary on August 5 this year.

Video footage shows Reynolds rummaging through a bag, seemingly to have a cigarette, when he grabs a pair of scissors. Reynolds then threatened and stabbed PCSO Bushen on the arm.

Police officials have stressed that officers should not have to go to work expecting to be assaulted.

Officers put their lives on the line to keep local people safe every day and they do not join the force to be physically or emotionally abused. The bravery and professionalism shown by PCSO Sam Bushen should be commended and I want to thank him for the exceptional bravery he displayed in an incredibly dangerous situation.

– Sue Mountstevens, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner
PCSO Bushen received an injury to his arm during the attack Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Reynolds appeared at Taunton Crown Court today [September 6] charged with three counts of burglary, actual bodily harm, possession of a sharply pointed article, eight counts of theft-related offences, and breach of an existing court order.

He pleaded guilty to all charges as well as a number of other offences which were considered during sentencing.

He has been sentenced to five years in prison.