Hollywood's Leonardo DiCaprio backs Bristol Zoo report on animals at risk of extinction

Leonardo DiCaprio has expressed his support for Bristol Zoo after a report from conservationists outlines animals on the brink of extinction.

In a post on Instagram, the Hollywood actor shared details of the report which warns that many of the world's primates are in urgent need of help.

Leonardo, who describes himself as an actor and environmentalist, posted a photo of one of the at-risk animals to his 36.4 million followers.

He didn't forget to tag Bristol Zoo in the post, which was liked by 309,000 users and attracted more than 2,000 comments.

Staff at the zoo are "delighted" with the celebrity's backing, which they say has garnered "renewed interest" for the report.

'Primates in Peril' was published on 8 October 2019 and calls on urgent conservation measures to avoid the extinction of 25 endangered animals.

Conservationists from Bristol Zoo, located on College Road, helped compile the report which identifies the Tapanuli orangutan as the most 'imperiled'.

According to the report, the animal is now critically endangered.