Banksy claims 'wife hates it' as he works from home during coronavirus lockdown

Elusive Bristol street artist Banksy says his 'wife hates it' as he works from home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The graffiti artist took to his Instagram account to post a picture of his bathroom covered in his infamous rat drawings.

In a series of five photos Banksy shows the rodents carrying out various activities, including squirting toothpaste, hanging from the bathroom light and knocking the bathroom mirror to one side.

One rat is seen running on a roll of toilet paper, which has rolled down and across the floor.

Another is reflected in the mirror tallying up the days in lockdown in lipstick.

Credit: Banksy
Credit: Banksy

The artist has used the rats as means of social commentary, and began his career stenciling the creatures across the streets of Bristol and beyond.

Credit: Banksy

Banksy's latest mural, which appeared in Barton Hill, Bristol on 13 February was vandalised after two days.

The mural which depicts a young girl firing roses from a slingshot was confirmed by elusive Bristol street artist Banksy on his Instagram and website a day on Valentine's Day.

But, residents in the area woke up just 24 hours later to find explicit graffiti spelling out 'w****r' sprayed in huge pink letters across the artwork.

The artwork, which features a young girl firing red flowers from a catapult, has since been boarded up .