Plymouth Argyle boss Simon Hallett says the probability of finishing Leagues One and Two on the pitch is low

Plymouth Argyle, like most clubs, would prefer to finish the current season on the pitch.

But the practicalities 'mean that the probability is low', according to club chairman and owner Simon Hallett.

Speaking to our sports reporter Cari Davies, he admitted he's among those who would prefer a decision to end the season to be made sooner rather than later.

He also made it clear he was not in favour of playing games behind closed doors, listing safety, contracts and finances as the three key concerns.

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Argyle haven't played at home since early March. Credit: ITV News West Country

We are now only starting to discuss the feasibility [of playing the rest of the season] . The EFL position is driven quite rightly by the virus. But we have still got some time to make our minds up.

Simon Hallet, chairman and owner Plymouth Argyle
The EFL says players must be tested for coronavirus before football can resume. Credit: ITV News West Country

The English Football League says the priority is to resume the 2019/20 season as soon as it is possible, with matches only returning at an appropriate point and based on guidance from relevant authorities.

Before any return to football can take place, suitable testing arrangements for participants must be in place and this is core to our current planning, as is ensuring there is absolutely no negative impact on the country's front-line workers, the Emergency services, League and Club staff members.

English Football League

Argyle have been doing their part to help limit the strain on emergency services, offering their stadium to the NHS to deliver non-urgent health services.

The pitch at Home Park has also been shaped into a tribute honouring the men and women working on the frontlines.

A NHS logo has been carved into the pitch at Home Park. Credit: Plymouth Argyle
The club have moved to make the Mayflower Grandstand available for the NHS. Credit: ITV News West Country
The dressing room as well as other parts of the ground are being used by the NHS. Credit: ITV News West Country

Mr Hallet praised all those at Argyle for their efforts during the pandemic, citing the ladies team for how inspirational they had been throughout.

They and their coaches are absolutely inspirational— they play their hearts out, travel all over the place, train....and hold down day jobs!

Simon Hallet, chairman and owner Plymouth Argyle

Hallet says supporting the ladies side is still a priority however admitted that increased financial backing for the ladies team may be delayed due to the impact of coronavirus on club budgets.

Mr Hallet announced last week that most staff had been furloughed as a result of the virus. And that the club would continue to top up wages until June 30.

He says this date was chosen because it would be the end of the club's financial year, and the date at which most player and loan contract end.

He says he doesn't believe in a universal wage cap for the league, adding that Argyle's strong financial position makes him biased, however he does believe there needs to be better regulation of clubs spending beyond their means.

Manager Ryan Lowe takes a training session before the pandemic. Credit: ITV News West Country

The club has also renegotiated payment terms with its large suppliers while committing to continue to make payments to local business that rely on them. All to ensure both the club and its fellow businesses survive the pandemic.

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