Cornwall sisters celebrate arrival of babies during lockdown after 'emotional rollercoaster'

Credit: Jade Ullrich

Cornwall sisters Jade and Georgia have welcomed newborns during the lockdown after what Jade described as an 'emotional rollercoaster'.

The pair had planned to go through the birthing process together by attending antenatal classes together and taking part in a 'sisters' bump photoshoot'.

But the coronavirus outbreak caused all their plans to fall through.

The sisters both found out they were pregnant in August Credit: Jade Ullrich

Pregnancy wise, it’s my sister's first child so I really wanted to experience it closely with her, with antenatal classes and baby shopping trips.

Jade Ullrich

Jade and her fiancé Michael own Bay Holiday Home Management, based in Newquay, as well as a pop-up café chain ‘Palm Bay’.

Both businesses are currently closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. And preparing to give birth during the pandemic brought its own challenges.

We were celebrating my partner’s birthday [when] I suddenly suffered a bleed with contractions. I was taken to hospital by ambulance and given morphine for the pain, we were devastated when the consultants began to discuss the possibility of me having a miscarriage.

Jade Ullrich

The couple stayed in hospital for days after their scan to check on the health of the baby.

I began to wonder how I’d cope watching my sister flourish through her pregnancy and birth my niece that would have been the same age as our new baby. Every doctor and consultant had been convinced that we were miscarrying with one even saying 'It’ll be a miracle if this pregnancy continues'.

Jade Ullrich
Jade and her fiancé Michael Credit: Jade Ullrich

Earlier this month Jade's sister Georgia was admitted to hospital.

The guidelines surrounding birthing partners had just been introduced and she was told on arrival to the hospital that her partner Dave, couldn’t enter with her.

He was eventually able to return once Georgia's labour was established, and eventually Georgia gave birth to a little girl, named Scarlett.

Jade's house is on the way for her sister’s essential journeys so they met each other's babies two meters apart. Credit: Jade Ullrich

Although Jade was due at approximately the same time, she went into labour ten days past her due date.

She added "Thankfully, my pregnancy was low-risk, meaning we could continue with our plans for a home water birth, which I’d done once before with my second child, Harley."

Jade gave birth to her baby girl at home Credit: Jade Ullrich
Jade's children: Dillan, Harley and Honey Credit: Jade Ullrich
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