Exmouth town crier's coronavirus warning after near-death experience

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A town crier from Devon who says coronavirus nearly killed him is calling on people to take the virus seriously.

Exmouth town crier Roger Bourgein is keen to press home the need for everyone to keep a safe distance after recently recovering from Covid-19.

He is not quite back to full health, however. Roger says he now suffers from long-term ailments from the virus such as chronic kidney disease and also struggles to sleep.

Roger usually sings with the Exmouth Sea Shanty group but thinks performing in pubs or posing for a photos may be how he caught the infection.

Roger now chants in Exmouth for people to keep a safe distance. Credit: ITV News West Country

Roger, who spoke to ITV News from his hospital bed, says he could not eat or drink at the height of the illness and spent a lot of time in intensive care.

When he was finally discharged to recover at home, the crier used his unique voice to share his gratitude for the NHS during the weekly clap for carers.

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