Skittles the macaw goes missing from Paradise Park in Cornwall

Five-year-old Skittles the scarlet macaw has been missing since Wednesday. Credit: Paradise Park

Staff at Paradise Park in Hayle have put out an urgent appeal for any sightings of ‘Skittles’, a Scarlet Macaw, who went missing on Wednesday 23 September.

Curator David Woolcock says “Our flock of Scarlet Macaws fly free around the Park for up to four hours a day. But on Wednesday there was a sudden sharp increase in wind which caused four of the birds to be blown off course.

"Three of the four were located and retrieved within two hours of them going missing thanks to the help of local people who called in and reported their whereabouts. But Skittles has not been seen".

Skittles was hatched in August 2015 making her five years old. She has been free-flying regularly since March 2017.

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Paradise Park is asking people to call 01736 753365 to report any sightings.