Trembling and terrified dogs shown in firework video released by RSPCA

WARNING: You may find this video distressing.

With New Year's Eve celebrations not far away, the RSPCA has released a video highlighting the stress fireworks can cause animals across the region.

The charity is asking the Government to introduce tougher regulations around the sale and use of fireworks as New Year celebrations bring on another period of celebrations which they say cause "stress and anxiety" for animals.

As part of The Bang Out Of Order campaign launched last year, a video has now been released to show how much fireworks can impact dogs.

The video features Harley the staffie, Ollie the lurcher and Peaches the Jack Russell terrier.

Peaches' owner Luccia Rodriguez said she worries every year as fireworks approach.

She said: “She is inconsolable and trembles so much she looks like she could have a heart attack.

"Every year from October to New Years Eve we have to be prepared for them."

The RSPCA has received 1,543 calls about fireworks affecting animals in the past four years.

What is the RSPCA campaign calling for?

  • The restriction of the private use of fireworks to agreed traditional dates - 5 November, New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

  • The maximum permitted noise level of fireworks for public sale to be reduced to 90 decibels.

  • The current allowed level, 120 decibels (equivalent to a jet aircraft taking off) to only be used at licensed public displays.

  • All public fireworks displays to be licensed by the relevant licensing authority and information about the proposed display must be provided in the local area several weeks in advance with a process for local residents to appeal against the granting of the licence.

  • Fireworks labelled as 'loud' or 'low noise' to allow consumers to make informed decisions.

To find out how to help your pet during fireworks, click here.

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