Horse trainer attacked by dog while riding in Somerset

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A horse trainer who was attacked by a dog while out riding in Somerset has appealed for its owner to come forward.

Ashleigh Compton was bitten six times in the Queen Charlton area on Monday 6 September and received hospital treatment for the wounds.

She says the dog's owner failed to recall it.

She then suffered an asthma attack running to get to safety with her horse but was able to use the what3words app to tell paramedics her exact location.

Even though Ashleigh was eventually taken to hospital by a passerby, she is now raising awareness of the what3words app.

Ashleigh said: "It could well of saved my life, it was a terrifying experience made only worse by struggling to breathe and then not knowing where I was to be able to get help.

"Lucky by giving the call handler my what3words location they were able to pinpoint exactly where I was in seconds."