Artist of Gloucester's 'Rainbow Street' set to transform whole square

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The artist who created the so-called 'rainbow street' in Gloucester is painting the whole square in the same multi-coloured style.

After painting the fronts of the houses on St Mark Street different colours, Tash Frootko has set her sights on the whole square.

The new painted fronts to the houses will be unveiled in a few weeks time.

There will also be two new murals to add to the colourful houses.

She says brightening up the city has become her mission - and she's not going to stop.

Frootko's work on St Mark Street quickly became known as rainbow street.

She said: "I'm pretty well known in the city now for what I do and people can see the effect that painting the street has on the environment of the street and also improving the city in general."

The artist says "when people see the first house getting the treatment they are eager for theirs to be done too."

Frootko started her project on the Nettleton road side of the square in question.

She is now using it as the template for the other side - determined to create a rainbow square.

She said: "I actually seek out places that look rundown or shabby and just the simple concept of applying colour to a street completely improves it aesthetically and changes the lives of people living on the street."

The artist funds her work by asking residents if they want to chip in for the paint.

She said usually when they see the first house getting the treatment, they are eager for theirs to be done too.

One resident was hesitant about the colour of their house as they discussed with their partner.