Thousands take part in 60th Ten Tors challenge on Dartmoor

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Thousands of teenagers from across the South West have been trekking across Dartmoor this weekend for the return of Ten Tors.

The challenge hasn't been able to go ahead for two years because of COVID.

Teams walk up to 55 miles over some of the toughest terrain, using their own navigation and survival skills to get them through.

The sun was barely up when they gathered on the hillside before 7am, forming into a number 60 to mark the start of the 60th edition of this extraordinary event.

Sophie Harper, from Budmouth Academy, Weymouth told ITV News, "I'm quite excited but I'm waiting for that finish line where you can see it in the distance." 2,400 teenagers relied on their own navigation and survival skills, camping out overnight - a challenge they have to complete as a team without help from adults.

2,400 young people have taken part in the challenge this year.

Captain Preet Chandi, Polar explorer was on hand to help send the teams off.

She said: "It's amazing, honestly. It's so great to be the person to be able to send them off on this incredible challenge although the weather has now picked up and when they started it was a bit cloudier but it's great that it's got off to a good start with the weather and it's a really amazing challenge." Alongside Ten Tors, 300 youngsters with special physical or educational needs set off on the Jubilee Challenge completing their own routes of up to 15 miles.

Some of the loudest applause heard on the moor this weekend was waiting for them as they reached the finish line to collect their medals.

Martin Staley was one of the proud father's watching.

He said: "(We're) so proud for Matthew and everybody else who's taken part. It's a phenomenal activity, a phenomenal event and it's such an achievement of the individuals with all their needs. It's fantastic to see it done." Back out on the moor, the Ten Tors teams will be getting a much needed rest as they cross the finish line on the remarkable challenge.