Castle Drogo: The newest castle in Britain that's just had a £15million makeover

  • Watch how Britain's newest castle was re-built brick by brick

When it was completed in 1931, Castle Drogo became the final castle to be built in Britain.

The impressive property was built for Julius Drewe, a self-made millionaire who got his fortune from a chain of grocery shops.

His aim was to create an imposing ancestral home which would appear as though it had been there for hundreds of years.

The castle, which has stunning views across Dartmoor, has since been taken on by the National Trust and has become a popular tourist attraction.

The castle looks out across the stunning Dartmoor landscape Credit: ITV WESTCOUNTRY

But it has had major structural problems ever since its completion with one consistent problem - it leaked.

The National Trust has now finished a nine-year renovation project which saw £15million spent on making the castle watertight.

It had to remove 3,000 blocks of granite from the top of the castle to cover it in a waterproof membrane before the castle was then put back together again - brick by brick.

General manager Heather Kay told ITV News it was a "huge undertaking".

"The castle is regarded as a masterpiece of 20th century architecture and its future has now been secured," she said.

Tim Cambourne was the senior project manager on the restoration - his son was in primary school when it began but was in university by the time it finished.

"It's been a brilliant project," he said. "It's been fascinating and to get the chance to work on a building of this importance and significance is amazing."