Discount card goes on sale exclusively for people living in Cornwall

The first batch of Pard Cards sold out within the first two days of launch. Credit: Pard Card

A loyalty card scheme exclusively for people living permanently in Cornwall has sold out its first batch of cards.

Pard Card, a discount card for independent Cornish businesses, has been set up by popular Cornish social media account "Jam and Meme".

Jam, who wishes to stay anonymous, told ITV West Country: "I feel like Cornish people don't necessarily feel like they can go out and enjoy themselves in certain places because of the cost of everything.

"This would allow them to do nice things, but also things that they do day-to-day and get a little bit of discount on it."

Ice cream company Callestick Farm are one of the businesses offering deals to cardholders Credit: Callestick Farm

There are a range of businesses from hairdressers, restaurants, tattoo studios, to garages all with discounts for Cornish card holders.

Jam said: "Whether that's just buying a pasty or getting a haircut or going out for a pint after work.

"So the things that we do anyway, those would become slightly cheaper and encourage business and also help the customers out."

On launch, there were around 100 businesses signed up but Jam said in the first few days there has been another 50 looking to join the scheme.

Rules for who can buy the discount card are quite strict. To be eligible, the delivery and payment address must be within Cornwall and cards may be checked at random by local businesses to ensure only locals are using them.

More than 150 businesses have signed up to accept the locals loyalty card scheme Credit: Google Maps/Pard Card

Jam said morally they did not want the local businesses to be taken advantage of if it was opened to people outside the Duchy.

That's because local businesses would "essentially just be taking a profit cut on all of the products or sales".

Some people from Devon have tried to apply but the team said they have had to draw a line somewhere and "the Tamar border is ideal".

Jam added: "I'm not sure why they would want one because they'd have to travel to get cheaper pint or pasty."