Steve Backshall and Cornish Olympian Helen Glover become patrons of Mousehole Rock Pool

Steve Backshall

A TV adventurer and Cornish Olympian are urging people to save a popular tourist attraction which he says is his "favourite place in the whole world".

Steve Backshall - best known for the TV show Deadly 60 - has become a patron of Mousehole Rock Pool, near Penzance.

The 50-year-old and his wife Helen Glover - an Olympic champion from Truro - have both become ambassadors of the sea water pool.

In a video released on the Friends of Mousehole Rock Pool's Facebook page, Steve said: "I'm standing right now in front of one of my favourite and most important places to me in the whole world - Mousehole Rock Pool.

"I'm so proud to say that myself and my wife Helen Glover are going to be the ambassadors of this magnificent place.

Steve Backshall and Helen Glover.

"It's been hugely important to my family. My kids have learned to swim here.

"We go looking for crabs, anemones and all sorts of cool things here and I hope that you have the same opportunity as this place rocks, quite literally."

Mousehole Rock Pool has been a feature in the seaside village for thousands of locals and visitors for decades.

Many of the children from the village near Newlyn have learnt to swim there and many more holidaymakers have enjoyed rock pooling behind the safety of the concrete walls.

Work has been underway to repair the pool so it no longer leaks and can be enjoyed by people of all ages for generations to come.

This February, 100 people came together to empty the pool and give it a clean after a tough winter and now the final phase to return the well-loved tidal paddling pool to its former glory is underway.

Steve Backshall is a naturalist and conservationist known for his environmental endeavours.

Chris Yacoubian, from the Friends of Mousehole Rock Pool, said: "Steve Backshall and Helen Glover being Mousehole Rock Pools ambassadors and patrons is hugely rewarding for us and we couldn’t be happier that they have enthusiastically joined us.

"They have been friends of mine for a while now and over the years I’ve seen just how connected they are to the pool and to all of the benefits such a wild and natural space gives its users.

"Steve, Helen and their family have a special affinity with the Mousehole Rock Pool and have created memories as a family to last a lifetime. I really believe they want to help others create their own special family memories at the pool and they can see just how wonderfully it connects and draws a community together.

"Steve’s unwavering passion for all things wild and the inspiration that he is to young and old nature lovers alike, will undoubtedly ignite all pool users into exploring its rich ecosystem to learn new things about our marine environment and therefore learn how to protect and preserve that special place for generations to come."