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Up to 30 rats seen scurrying along the streets of Plymouth city centre

A mischief of up to 30 rats were spotted scurrying along the streets of Plymouth city centre today.

One video was taken of the rodents along Armada Way.

ITV West Country also caught a few on camera during a live broadcast with our reporter on the evening programme.

The council said it is dealing with the matter and has laced the streets with poison.

Rats expert say climate change causing milder winters is partly to blame, along with rubbish and food not being disposed of properly.

Shire horse helps revive dying stablemate

Farm owners near Bath shared the extraordinary moment Beau the Shire horse revived his dying stablemate Beatrice who had collapsed and was dying.

She was experiencing stomach pains and was at risk organ failure.

Her owners had spent six hours desperately trying to get her to her feet before taking the difficult decision to have her put down.

However her stablemate had other Beau wouldn't give up, which led to her remarkable recovery.

Days later, when we went to film with Beatrice, Beau hilariously tried getting his 15 minutes on TV... what a mare!


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