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Couple describe the moment their dog was gored by a boar

A couple have been describing how their dog Oddie was gored by a wild boar - which then attacked them.

Jemma and Roger Vine were walking in the Lydney Park estate in the Forest of Dean when a boar charged their 13-year-old springer spaniel, hurling it into the air and ripping open its side.

The dog only survived after emergency surgery.

One minute she was toddling along beside us, the next she was being thrown up into the air by the boar, screaming in agony...

– Jemma Vine

Wild boar goes on the rampage in Gloucestershire

A wildboar attacked a couple and their dog as they walked in Lydney Credit: ITV News

Police are warning the public to beware after a wild boar went on the rampage - attacking a couple and their dog.

The group were walking along a footpath on Ayleburton Common, part of the Lydney Park Estate, when the boar charged from the undergrowth, leaving the springer spaniel with a broken leg and other severe injuries.

Leaving the dog for dead, the hog then tried to attack the woman, and it was only when her husband beat it off with a branch that it finally left.

The gamekeeper on the estate has been informed and he said he believes there is a female boar with a young family on the estate, which may explain the violent behaviour.

Police are advising all walkers to take care when walking on the estate - and in wooded areas generally -and to ensure their dogs are kept well under control.


Cull to reduce wild boar in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

Wild boar can weigh up to 20 stone when fully grown

A cull of wild boar in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire is taking place in a major bid to reduce their numbers.

The Forestry Commission says the population has expanded rapidly and the animals have damaged farmland, parks and roadsides.

They've carried out annual culls on boar on public land for the last six years but usually keep a closed season in the spring and summer. This year, they've decided to extend the cull into March to try to reduce numbers further.

Earlier this year a man was killed in a motorway crash involving a wild boar that had strayed onto the M4 near Swindon. His car hit the animal before colliding with a lorry.