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Last updated 16 September 2022

This policy explains the use of cookies on our services, how these impact you and how you can change your cookies settings.   

Below you’ll find general FAQs which apply to cookies on all our platforms. By “platforms” we mean all ITV websites (ITV Hub, websites for all our ITV shows, ITV News and ITV Win) as well as the ITV Hub app on mobile devices and smart TVs.

These are followed by some specific FAQs about cookies on our websites, mobile apps and smart TV apps.

What are cookies?

When we talk about “cookies” or similar technologies we mean:

  • small text files (letters and numbers) or 

  • pixels that we place on your device when you use any of our platforms. 

We call all of these technologies “cookies”. 

Cookies are stored either in the memory or the hard drive of your device. They collect information about you and your use of our services so that, for example, we know who you are (so you don’t have to log in each time you want to watch something) or which shows are most popular (so we can make more shows you like).

We use this information to provide you with our services and to serve you ads. You can read more about this in the “What kind of cookies do we use?” section below. 

To read about changing your cookies preferences, please see the “More about cookies” sections for the relevant platform below and select “How do I manage my cookies preferences?”.

For more general information about cookies, please visit https://aboutcookies.org

When do we use cookies?

When you use any of our platforms, there will be cookies which we place on your device. These cookies help us provide services and advertising to you and enhance your experience.

What kind of cookies do we use?

At ITV we use three different types of cookie:

1. Essential cookies

Essential cookies collect information we need for our platforms to function or to operate our business. 

These cookies also help us comply with regulations.

Here are some examples of how our essential cookies help you and us at ITV:

  • When you log into the ITV Hub on our platforms, we’ll remember you so you don’t have to sign in every time.

  • We’ll keep you secure while you’re making any payments.

  • We’ll track the content you’ve watched so that we can pay the companies who have licensed us the rights to the content.

  • Cookies tell us which adverts you’ve seen so you don’t have to watch the same ones over and over again within a specific period of time.

Read more about the essential cookies we use on itv.com/vote in the “More about cookies on our websites” section below. 

2. Performance and functionality cookies

These cookies collect stats for us so we can work out how you like to use our platforms. They monitor the quality of our services, provide functionality such as learning which news articles are popular, and produce anonymous reports to help us improve our site and measure the efficiency of our ad campaigns. We don’t use this data to show you personalised ads.

We want to be able to make our platforms as user friendly as possible. To do this, we need to understand how you move around our platforms. Our clever technical people then use this information to work out how to improve things like access to the platforms, the way things look and how they operate. 

Here are some examples of how these cookies help you and us at ITV:

  • We know how many people visit our platforms, so we can work out which platforms work best for you.

  • If we find out that lots of people have trouble finding a specific section of a particular platform, we can make that section easier to find in the future.

  • We may ask for your feedback via surveys, so that we know what you like or dislike about a new functionality.

3. Targeting cookies for ITV promotions

We use targeting cookies for some of our marketing campaigns. These cookies use unique identifiers to track what ads you’ve seen or clicked on. When you come to the ITV websites by clicking on these ads, we also follow your activity on our websites. 

We use this information to optimise our marketing investment by:

  • Creating reports and measuring the efficiency of our ad campaigns.

  • Building audience segments based on all visitors’ actions on our sites.

  • Identifying which audience segment you fall into to show you relevant ads about our products and services.

These cookies also collect other information such as your operating system, browser type and IP address for reporting purposes.

If you’d like to see a full list of all the cookies we use on our platforms, please contact us at myprivacy@itv.com

What are third party embeds and cookies?

Read about third party embeds we use such as Youtube/Vimeo by clicking the drop down option below.

Third party embeds

We use some third party applications on our platforms (for example when we include YouTube to show you videos on our websites). These are called “embeds”. When we use embeds from third parties, they set their own cookies which we don’t control. To find out more about these third parties and the cookies they set (including how to control them) please visit their websites:

  • YouTube: View policy here

  • Facebook: View policy here

  • Twitter: View policy here

  • Instagram: View policy here

  • Google Maps: View policy here

  • Brightcove: View policy here

  • Spreaker: View policy here

  • Vimeo: View policy here

  • Flourish: View policy here

  • Monterosa: View policy here

  • Kustomer: View policy here

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When do our cookies expire?

Our cookies have different expiry dates. Click the drop down option below to read more.

When do our cookies expire?

Our cookies have different expiry dates depending on their use. Some cookies are persistent and have a longer expiry period (such as our itv.Cid cookie that assigns a randomly generated id unique to your browser to allow us to distinguish you from others. This cookie expires after 365 days’ time). If you’d like to find out more about when each of our cookies expire, then please get in touch with us at myprivacy@itv.com

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More about cookies on our websites

Find information specific to our website users by selecting the drop down menus below.

How do I manage my cookies preferences on ITV websites?

If you would like to change your cookie preferences, please go to: www.itv.com and click on the "Manage Cookies" link in the website footer.

Alternatively, you can manage the setting of cookies in your browser (a browser is software on your computer or device which you use to access and browse the internet). Most browsers will allow you to see what cookies have been set and delete them individually. They should also allow you to block third party cookies and also block all cookies from being set. You may also have an option to delete all cookies when you close your browser (i.e. finish browsing the internet). Please click on the links below to learn about how you can do this on the browser which is relevant to you:

If your browser is not listed above then please visit the About Cookies website.

Any browser settings you choose will affect all websites that you visit (unless you change settings for each site you visit) and if you block cookies completely many websites, including ours, will not work properly and some features may not work at all. If you choose to delete cookies you will lose your preferences including opt-out cookies (in other words if you opt-out from cookies, and then set your browser to delete cookies, your opt out will not be saved and you will have to opt out again).

If you want to opt out of cookies on all your devices, you will need to change the settings on each device separately.

You can also opt out of receiving cookies from a range of ad servers (for example Doubleclick) by visiting Your Online Choices website and following their instructions.

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itv.com/vote cookies

www.itv.com/vote will only have essential cookies and none of the other types mentioned above. These cookies are essential to the running of the website and collects information such as the vote you have placed.

After you have verified your mobile number, the access token is kept for 12 months from your last date of activity so you don't have to keep re-authenticating your device. This means the token keeps you "logged in" until you have been inactive for 12 months or you have clicked the "Not me" button. You will need to re-authenticate your device in either of these events.

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More about cookies on our mobile apps

Find information for our mobile application users by selecting from the dropdown menu below.

What else should I know about using the ITV Hub app on my mobile device?

If you download the ITV Hub app onto your mobile device with a Google Android or Apple iOS operating system then we check the status of user identifiers provided by that operating system. 

We will pass on that identifier and its status to our selected third parties so that they can serve you advertisements which are of particular relevance to you and for analytics purposes. Access to this identifier is subject to us and our selected third parties complying with the relevant platform terms and conditions. You can opt out of us passing the identifier in this way at any point within the settings on your mobile device.  Alternatively, you can reinstall the ITV Hub app to reset your advertising ID.

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What's different about cookies on Apple devices?

If you’re using an Apple device, they have a separate “tracking” framework which we must adhere to. When you first open the ITV Hub iOS app, you’ll see a pop up message which asks you if you’ll allow the app to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites.

If you select “Allow”, we can link your Apple advertising ID to help personalise the ITV Hub and our promotions.

If you select “Ask App Not to Track” then we won’t use your Apple advertising ID and we won’t set the following cookie:

  • Appsflyer - Appsflyer is a tool that measures the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns; it ensures that our ads on third party platforms are served to the most relevant audiences; and it enables us to create links to our mobile app.

This does not affect your use of the cookies control panel on your Apple device.

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How do I manage my cookies preferences on the ITV Hub app on my mobile device?

You can always change your cookie preferences on your mobile device.

Click the "Data Permissions" (or "Privacy Preferences" as applicable) tab from your "Settings" in the ITV Hub app and you can change your preferences by switching the cookies "on" or "off'.

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More about cookies on our smart TV apps

Find information for our smart TV users and game console users by selecting from the dropdown options below.

How do I manage my cookies preferences on the ITV Hub Apple TV App

On the ITV Hub Apple TV App you can use the Reset App feature to clear data related to the app that is stored locally on your device.

If you have Parental Controls enabled, they’ll still be enabled after resetting the app. The only way to disable Parental Controls is go into "Settings" within the app and disable them. You’ll be asked to input the correct PIN before being granted access to turn them off.

Steps to use the 'Reset App' feature:

1) Launch the app.

2) Go to settings and select "Reset the ITV Hub".

3) The app will automatically relaunch.

Please be aware that using the Reset App feature will have the following effects:

  • Your Last Watched items will no longer be available.

  • You’ll need to enter your postcode.

  • You’ll be prompted to accept our cookies policy.

  • If you previously enabled Subtitles, your Subtitle preferences will be reset

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How do I manage my cookies preferences on ITV Hub apps on other smart TVs and games consoles?

If you’d like to reset your ITV Hub app on the big screen - whether you’re watching via your smart TV or a game console - please contact us here: itv.com/contactform

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Want to know more about how we use your information?

Some of our cookies have more than one purpose and we tell you all about how we use your information in our Privacy Notice.

If you've still got questions, then do let us know by emailing us at: myprivacy@itv.com

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