Cable reveals little about increasing cash to firms

Business Secretary Vince Cable delivers his speech to the Liberal Democrats' annual conference in Brighton. Photo: PA

Now Business Secretary Vince Cable has spoken we still don't have very much more detail on exactly how the bank of Vince would actually work in practice.

You can read the whole speech here for yourself.

What is not however in doubt is how hard it is for some companies to get access to the finance they need.

A survey carried out by Funding Circle released today suggests that around 1.5 million companies are stuck, and not able to grow at the moment because they can't get the cash.

They calculate that could mean as many as 500,000 jobs, yes, half a million jobs that could be created are not, because firms don't have the money they need to expand.

They have been branded, 'caged tigers' (not quite sure if that will catch on)

Funding Circle is one of the burgeoning group of companies promoting non-traditional ways of borrowing, so bizarrely, the breakdown between banks and some of their clients is actually in their interests.

One of the by products of the squeeze on credit has been proliferation of these new institutions, Funding Circle, Thin Cats, Zopa and others.

The harder it is for business to get money from banks, the more companies will turn to them.

But if these calculations are right and there are more than a million companies stuck in this trap they will have no shortage of custom.

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