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Pensioner to become father again, 52 years after birth of first child

Mike Armitage and his wife Lyndsey Photo: Daybreak

A 73-year old pensioner is to become a dad again, 52 years after fathering his first child.

Mike Armitage and his wife Lyndsey, aged 32, made the headlines two years ago with the birth of their son Paul, but now the couple are expecting again.

Mike, who is also a Grandad, will be 74 when his seventh child is born.

He fathered his first child, Glen, in 1961, when no one had heard of The Beatles, and a pint of beer cost around six pence.

Mike currently has six children:

  • Glen, aged 52
  • Lynne, aged 48
  • Neil, aged 46
  • Lee, aged 42
  • Thomas, aged 18
  • Paul, aged 2

Mike told ITV Daybreak that he hasn't ruled out having any more children.

He said that his age is just a number.