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40ft humpback whale removed from Brazil beach

A 40-ft humpback whale was found decomposing on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: RTV

The corpse of a 40-ft humpback whale weighing almost 30 tonnes has been removed from a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Macumba beach was cleared of swimmers yesterday as a team of lifeguards used ropes to pull the dead mammal ashore.

A team of lifeguards used ropes to pull the 30 tonne whale ashore. Credit: RTV

The huge animal had already begun decomposing when it was removed by authorities.

It was unclear how the animal, which was estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old, died.

A crane was needed to lift the 30-tonne humpback whale. Credit: RTV

It took two tractors and a crane to eventually remove the animal from the beach.

Two tractors were used to help remove the mammal which had already been decomposing ashore. Credit: RTV

Humpbacks head north from Antarctica around this time of year and will swim along the South American coast past Argentina and Uruguay towards Brazil.