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Astronaut captures amazing images of aurora from space

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman has captured the incredible site of an aurora from the International Space Station (ISS) 150 miles above Earth.

Wiseman is currently halfway through a 166-day mission aboard the ISS which is hurling around the planet at 17,500 mph.

He took to Twitter to post the photo showing the dazzling light display with the 'arms' of the space station visible.

The 38-year-old appeared amazed by the finding, tweeting "never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this".

Wiseman posted a second image showing the stunning phenomena against part of the space station, which he simply described as "unbelievable".

The images are just the latest in a series of stunning images and videos from the space station, a tradition started by commander Chris Hadfield when he was aboard.

Earlier this month, Wiseman tweeted a timelapse video of lightning flashes over Italy as he looked down on Earth from his 150 mile vantage point on the ISS.

In June Wiseman made history by becoming the first ISS crew member to send a Vine from space.

On his travels aboard the ISS, Wiseman has captured a range of other stunning images: