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Santa letter written 60 years ago found up chimney

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A letter to Santa written more than 60 years ago has been found up a chimney at a house in Reading.

The Santa letter may have been up the chimney for more than 60 years. Credit: Facebook

The heartwarming note, which was recovered by builder Lewis Shaw, was simply signed off "Love David".

It said: "Please can you send me a Rupert annual, a drum box of chalks, soldiers and indians, slippers, silk tie, pencil box and any little toys you have to spare."

Lewis shared the letter on social media and is set to meet David to return it after neighbours at the property helped track him down.

Writing on Facebook, Lewis said: "Reading this has made me realise how ungrateful we are these days."

It is pretty special because it is not something you'd see today.

Kids today wouldn't ask for things like that, they would ask for an Xbox, Playstation or those Segway things.

I didn't even realise what a Rupert annual was or that they still make them today. It was apparently the best thing at the time.

– Lewis Shaw
Builder Lewis Shaw found the letter in a house he was working in. Credit: Facebook

The dad-of-two said his own children had asked for a motorbike and a Barbie.

Lewis, who works with his brother and his father in their family business Shaw and Son Builders Ltd, found the letter at a 1930s semi-detached house in Oakley Road, Caversham.

He now can't wait to reunite David with the letter he wrote so long ago.

"I think it might bring back a lot of memories - it was his mother and father's house.

"With us doing the work, it can't be that nice for him seeing us knocking walls down and building an extension. It will hopefully be special for him."