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Ben prepares for the relay

Ben Parkinson Photo:

Ben, 27, has been training for hours every day for months to prepare for the big event - when he'll walk 300 metre stretch from the Cenotaph in Doncaster with the torch.

Ben joined the army at 16 and the Paras at 17.

He was injured in Sept 2006 by an anti-tank mine - he wasnt expected to survive. His family were told he was being rushed back to die. Both legs were gone above the knee, he had a broken back in four places, he had a shattered arm and chest and a brain injury.

He was unconscious for several months, and his family was told he would never sit upright or function independently.

At first he used a voice synthesiser, but now speaks unaided.

He has a new pair of computerised legs to walk 300 metres with the torch, which he thinks will take him about 12 minutes.

He will do it without crutches, in front of thousands of people in Bennetthorpe, Doncaster on Tuesday.

His hopes of carrying the torch were temporarily dashed last week when the route he was due to walk was changed to an unsuitable route, which included a curve and hills.

The organisers have since changed their plans and Ben will now be able to walk the original flat route that he was allocated.