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Guernsey car damaged twice in last couple of months

A blue Ford Fiesta has been damaged in St Peter Port for the second time in the last couple of months.

Guernsey Police say the wing mirror was removed from its fixture, the indicator within the casing smashed and unit left handing by wires at some point between 8.00am on Thursday 26th March and 8.00am on Friday 27th March.

Officers don't think the damage was caused by another car and say a silver Mini parked by the Ford Fiesta on Les Canichers was also damaged.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC 39 SIMON at the Police Station or to call Crimestoppers.

A free health system in Jersey 'could be abused'

Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

People in Jersey are worried that if Doctors appointments were made free in the island, the system would be abused.

The views were given to the Consumer Council in a series of Focus Groups on the island's health care services.

The meetings did find that islanders support reduced fees for under 5's, those who are chronically ill and the elderly, on a means tested basis.

But they didn't think it should be free for all.

They regonised that someone, somewhere would have to pay for this service. So by making it free at the point of delivery, somebody, our taxes, or somebody, somewhere will be paying so it could be counter productive so all the participants were mindful of that.

– Sam King, Consumer Council

Other issues raised include a lack of privacy at A&E, the lack of price lists in doctors surgeries and that Doctors and Dentists aren't always seen as value for money.

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