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Campaign groups react to Guernsey election results

Campaign groups have given their reaction to the results of the Guernsey's election, urging new deputies to follow up on their campaign promises.

Ayrton Hockaday, from Enough is Enough says they want to see the new States be more cautious of wasting public sector money.

I think after last time it can't get any worse, it can only get better as far as I can see.

Not wasting money is the main thing. I think for everybody it's not wasting money at all, there's been enough of that as it is and just trying to get this island back into some sort of happy place.

– Ayrton Hockaday, Enough is Enough
Credit: Guernsey Disability Alliance

Guernsey Disability Alliance has also responded to the new make-up of the States, which comes two years after the Disability Strategy was voted through.

They say they saw a significant impression of their work in candidates' campaigns, but now want to see those commitments become a reality.

We know that our message has got across, that the Disability Strategy needs to be made real that 99% of the people of the countries of the world are covered by the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, Guernsey's still in the remaining 1%.

We know those messages have got across because we started to see them be reflected in what candidates said in their press manifestos so we know the message has got across, but now we've got to see if they actually do make it reality in the next States term.

– Shelaine Green, Guernsey Disability Alliance

Teen taken to hospital after taking synthetic cannabis

A teenager in Guernsey has been taken to hospital after using a synthetic form of cannabis.

The Misuse of Drugs Advisory Group say a group of young people had used a homemade vaping device to inhale a liquid form of the drug.

We are concerned that there may be other people in our community putting themselves in danger in a similar way.

The advice is that people should not use any recreational psychoactive substance. These products are of unknown composition and may represent a risk to the user - you are also putting yourselves at increased risk if you use a homemade device to absorb the substance.

We would also remind people that it is illegal to import any substance that is designed for the purposes of recreational drug use.

– Ed Freestone, Chairman of the Misuse of Drugs Advisory Group


Increase in zero-hour workers in Jersey's private sector

More than one in ten workers in Jersey are employed on zero hours contracts.

The latest Labour Market report reveals the number of zero-hours employees within the private sector has increased, up 660 from the previous year.

But in the public sector, those contracts have fallen by 210 compared to last year.

Across both sectors, 6,300 jobs are now filled on a zero-hours basis, that's 11% of total employment.

'Think Green' stamps to be released by Jersey Post

Jersey Post are releasing a special set of stamps which are encouraging islanders to 'Think Green'.

Four stamps marking the theme will be on sale on May 3, as part of the 2016 Europa issue.

The designs include words and phrases that relate to sustainability and the environment.

The words have been arranged in the shape of a head, the island of Jersey and a globe to illustrate that protecting the planet starts with the individual but that it is something that needs to be done together as a community and collectively around the world.

– Rachel MacKenzie, Jersey Post


Billy Le Poullain looks for national glory in Liverpool

Guernsey's Welterweight phenomenon Billy Le Poulain will be looking to put his name next to some of the biggest in British boxing history.

He'll be fighting this evening in the quarter finals of the ABA Elite National Championships, the most prestigious amateur boxing competition in England.

The competition will be held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool with over 100 boxers taking part.

If he wins his fight tonight he will be moving on to the semi-finals tomorrow and the finals on Sunday. He will face some of the best in England and could potentially end up fighting the n.1 Welterweight seed Ekow Esuman from team GB.

Le Poulain is confident he can go all the way and become the first Guernsey boxer to pick up an ABA title.

I wouldn't of entered if I didn't think I could win it.

– Billy Le Poulain

Business leaders appeal to new deputies to improve local economy

Guernsey's key business, leisure and campaign leaders have appealed to the islands' newly elected politicians to start making changes as soon as possible.

They have expressed hope that the new government will help boost Guernsey's struggling high street, which has seen a dramatic drop in footfall over recent years.

Jack Honeybill, from the Town Centre Partnership, says deputies need to look beyond their own responsibilities and think about the whole island.

Watch: Royal Navy helicopter lands in Jersey

Watch the video below of a Royal Navy Helicopter touching down in Jersey this morning.

The footage was taken by Jack Le Brun from the Ports of Jersey.

The Lynx Wildcat landed in Weighbridge Place, where it will stay on display for the Barclays Jersey Boat Show.

The Wildcat is one of the largest generation of helicopters and operates from Royal Navy Frigates and Destroyers.

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