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La Mare de Carteret school to learn fate today

Students and teachers at La Mare de Carteret will find out today if their school will undergo redevelopment.

Guernsey States have been debating the proposed £60m rebuild and should decide today if they think the project is value for money.

As the States began their debate yesterday more than 400 letters from pupils at the school were handed to the politicians to urge them to give the redevelopment the go-ahead.

The new plans include a club-level competition indoor sports hall and a new centre for autism support service on the island, along with the new school facilities.


Must-have toys in the islands this Christmas

With Christmas Day now only four weeks away, toy experts have predicted the top 12 toys they expect to be the most popular this year.

From dolls to dinosaurs and tractors to transformers, but which will be the favourites weighing down Santa's sleigh as he heads to the Channel Islands this year.

In Jersey Kevin Smith, manager at The Entertainer, says there are two stand-out toys that are leading the way in the popularity stakes:

The snow glow Elsa is the number one toy for demand and for sales. We've sold 12 of them this morning and we're hoping our next delivery will get some more in.

The best seller for boys is going to be the Zoomer dinosaur boomer, it's a unique toy that's used by hand gestures for movement, voice command and also it can be used with devices to help control it.

– Kevin Smith, Store Manager, The Entertainer

However in Guernsey it is not just the new, modern toys that are getting all the attention according to one toy buyer:

There are still some toys and games that have been going for years that are still very popular.

You've got things like the rubik's cubes which has been going for nearly 30 years now and is still very popular. And you've got games like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders that're still doing very well.

– Julie Murphy, Toy Buyer, Creaseys

So as toys become ever-more technology driven it seems there's still room for the old with the new here in the Channel Islands.

Questions remain unanswered in murder trial

As 2014 nears an end, the court case into the murder of a Guernsey woman killed in India at the start of last year goes on, with no end in sight for the friends and family of Sarah Groves.

Sarah was killed on a houseboat in April last year.

Since then those closest to her have been campaigning for justice.

Helena Carter has been to meet Sarah's father, Vic, to find out how the family are coping as the second Christmas without her approaches...


Witness describes carer as 'sadistic, dishonest and a fluent liar'

A witness at Jersey's Independent Care Inquiry has today described how one member of staff in charge of Haute de la Garenne was sadistic, dishonest and a fluent liar.

Witness 126 said Colin Tillbrook, who was in charge in the 1960s, would take pleasure in caning young boys and when abuse from another staff member was mentioned he said he didn't believe it.

Those alleged attacks, which were committed by another witness, number 491, involved beating young boys, throwing things like snookers balls and ash trays at them and also whipping them with a wet towel when in the showers, which left red welts on the boys' skin.

The treatment was cruel and barbaric. The experience of this place is always there and you try to put it to the back of your mind and get on with life, and I feel there was never anyone there to give me help.

– Witness 126

Guernsey's Simpson through to final in Dubai

Guernsey's Chris Simpson is through to the final of the Dubai Squash Cup after a 3-0 win in the semis over Aamir Atlas Khan.

The Sarnian came through 11-7 11-7 11-8 in 39 minutes against the Pakistani player.

Simpson will face world number 17, Karim Abdel Gawad, of Egypt, in the final.

The match will be played at 3pm tomorrow, our time.

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