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Recount results: Senator Ferguson failed to secure a seat

Outgoing Senator Sarah Ferguson has failed to secure a seat in Jersey's new government despite a recount.

There were a few marginal changes after the recount, but not enough for her to beat Senator Philip Ozouf to the 8th senatorial seat.

Originally in the election, Sarah Ferguson had 9,800 votes. In the recount, she has 9,809.

Philip Ozouf had 10,062. After the recount, he has 10,080 - a difference of 12 votes, increasing the gap between himself and Ferguson and securing his position as Senator for another term in the states.

Witness appeal following suspected arson attacks

Jersey Police are appealing for witnesses after a spate of fires have been started along the coast in the early hours of this morning.

A handful of public toilets have deliberately been set on fire, claim the police, it wants to hear from anyone with any information that could help investigations.

The fires are being treated as suspicious.

It is believed they were caused by toilet paper dispensers being set alight and left to burn.

The fires were similar to four others that took place in public toilets last month.

Below is a list of all the fires police are appealing for information on...

  • MALE PUBLIC TOILETS, LA MARE SLIP, LA GRANDE ROUTE DE LA COTE (ST CLEMENT) Incident Date/Time: 25-Sep-2014 between 00:01 AND 00:54
  • MALE PUBLIC TOILETS, LA PULENTE, LA ROUTE DE LA PULENTE, ST BRELADE, Incident Date/Time: 25-Sep-2014 between 01:32 AND 03:50
  • FEMALE PUBLIC TOILETS, JERSEY PEARL, LA ROUTE DES LAVEURS, ST OUEN, Incident Date/Time: 25-Sep-2014 between 01:32 AND 03:30


Police warning over fireworks

Police in Guernsey are warning islanders to keep to the fireworks code over the next week.

It comes as fireworks go on sale in the island from today.

The force is reminding residents to think about neighbours and their pets before setting them off and to only use them on the 5th November if possible.

The full list of recommendations include advice from Inspector of Explosives, Richard Brown...

  • When buying fireworks, seek the advice of the retailer or read the manufacturer’s instructions as to the suitability of the firework for the area in which it is to be discharged. Many of those on sale to the public are not suitable for the average garden on the island.
  • Always buy fireworks well in advance of letting them off; give yourself time to read the instructions on the fireworks in order that you can make the preparations necessary to fire them safely. Many require wooden stakes driven into the ground or a hole dug to partially bury them.
  • Read and understand the Fireworks Code. Simple precautions save injuries and damage.
  • Never let children light fireworks.
  • Remember that Sparklers burn at temperatures in excess of 1000?C – make sure to wear gloves when holding them and have a bucket of water nearby to quench them when they are burnt out. Sparklers cause more injuries every year than fireworks.
  • Be a good neighbour. Let people know what you are planning. If there is livestock in nearby fields let the owners know what you are doing and try to keep your fireworks to reasonable hours perhaps between 6.30 – 8.30pm. Remember November 5th this year is on a Tuesday and many young children need to be in bed early for school the next day.
  • Do not fire fireworks in public places.
  • Do not cause a nuisance by firing them late at night.
  • Do not allow young person’s access to fireworks. Sale of fireworks to persons under 20 years of age is prohibited.
  • Do have a safe and responsible celebration.

States Veterinary Officer, David Chamberlain gives this advice...

  • A proportion of companion animals (dogs/cats/rabbits/guinea-pigs/horses etc.) are scared of loud sounds, typically fireworks and thunder. It is impossible to predict which animals will develop sound phobias but it usually takes multiple to loud sounds. When exposed to loud sounds phobic animals become fearful and anxious.
  • It is important to keep sound phobic animals in a safe and secure environment that will ideally muffle the sounds. However animals must not be confined to small spaces as confinement heightens anxiety. For instance, keep your dog in the house, draw the curtains, turn up the television but let the dog wander from room to room as it wants.
  • Owners must be careful not to reinforce the phobia by trying to reassure fearful animals. If you fuss over your dog when it is fearful you will simply reinforce that there is something to be fearful about. Carry on as normal and you dog will follow your example that there’s nothing to be scared of.
  • Owners of sound phobic dogs could try to desensitise them months before any noisy event. This should be done with the assistance of an animal behaviourist.
  • If you’ve left it too late to desensitise your dog you could try anxiolytic medication such as ‘Zylkene’ and behavioural aids such as ‘DAP Diffusers or Collars’ and ‘Thundershirts’.
  • Liaise with neighbours if you have a sound phobic animal so they can moderate the use of noisy fireworks and limit the duration of their display.
  • Pick up firework or party debris the next day to avoid any injuries to wildlife.

Co-op members meeting to discuss warehouse move

Meetings have been set up for Co-op members in Guernsey and Jersey to talk about the company's plans to move its local food warehousing to the UK.

It will enable shareholders to voice their concerns and to hear from the board why the move have been proposed.

The gatherings will take place in Jersey at the Radisson Blu Hotel on the 18th and in Guernsey on the 19th of November at Beau Sejour.

We welcome the passion and concern from a group of our members that has triggered this special meeting. It is a sign of strength that a member owned business can have this type of debate.

– President for the Society, Ben Shenton

Islanders asked to wear bright clothing

Road safety campaigners in Guernsey are warning Islanders of the dangers of walking and cycling in dark clothing as the clocks change this weekend.

Living streets are encouraging pedestrians to wear bright or fluorescent clothing when out on Guernsey's roads in the evenings.

The charity say people can be spotted three times earlier by a car's headlights if they are wearing high vis clothing.

Tom Le Pelley from Living Streets...

Election recount takes place today

More than one hundred people in Jersey are conducting a re-count of the islandwide Senatorial votes today.

It is since Senator Sarah Ferguson contested the result which saw her lose her job in the States.

There were just 262 votes between her and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf who came 8th in the poll.

The recount is taking place in the St Helier Town Hall from 9.30am.

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