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Nick Clegg: Leaders Live a 'fantastic initiative'

Nick Clegg has said his Leaders Live Q&A on Tuesday 16th December will bring political debate "to where young people are already active".

The Liberal Democrat leader said:

Leaders Live is a fantastic initiative from Bite the Ballot to get young people involved in the political debate. This project will take the leaders of the main political parties to where young people are already active – through exciting new ways of communicating.

– Nick Clegg, liberal democrats


Lib Dems: Miliband 'only paying lip service' to Lords reform

Ed Miliband is paying "lip service" to the principle of House of Lords reform the Liberal Democrats have said.

The Labour leader's plans drew an angry response from the Lib Dems who bitterly accused Labour of combining with Conservative MPs to wreck their plans to reform the Lords two years ago.

Ed Miliband partnered up with backbench Tories to destroy the best chance this country has had to reform the Lords.

We could have given the UK greater representation in Parliament, but when presented with the chance, he bottled it; turned his back and ran.

This is simply lip-service from a Labour party who have no intention of actually delivering.

– Sir Malcolm Bruce Lib Dem deputy leader

Voters: 'We cannot take Lib Dems as a serious party'

Voters in four of the constituencies the Lib Dems cannot afford to lose in the next election have said they cannot take the party seriously.

Student Felix Kankwamba said he can no longer trust Nick Clegg over his U-turn on tuition fees.

While Brian Roberson said the new policies Clegg was promising, including the introduction of waiting times for the mentally ill, was "purely for elections".

'Clegg had to prove he had some fight left in him'

As the conference season comes to an end, Nick Clegg had to prove he had some fight left in him after his U-turn on policies such as tuition fees.

In what some billed as his "best speech yet", the Lib Dem leader blasted the Tories saying the country does not want a party running it which "only looks after its own kind".

He further pledged to introduce national waiting times for those with mental health issues.

But tomorrow's by-election vote in Clacton, which could see the first Ukip MP getting into parliament, could change the political dynamic all over again.


Simon Hughes: 'Best ever' Clegg conference speech

Justice Minister Simon Hughes has described Nick Clegg's conference speech as the Lib Dem leader's "best ever".

Simon Hughes addressing Lib Dem members in Glasgow. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

"He has been in absolutely top form all week," Mr Hughes said.

In contrast, he claimed the Labour conference had been "flat as a pancake" with a "disaster" of a speech from Ed Miliband, while the Tory conference had been characterised by "very nasty policies".

Labour attack 'desperate' Clegg speech

Labour's deputy leader has hit out at Nick Clegg after his conference speech, accusing him of being "desperate" to justify working with the Tories.

Harriet Harman attacked the Deputy Prime Minister over his suggestion that the Lib Dems should be judged by their achievements in government.

Harriet Harman issued a stinging rebuke to Nick Clegg. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

"Nick Clegg was right about one thing in his speech - the Lib Dems should be judged on their record. It is a record of broken promises and weakness.

She said Mr Clegg was "trying desperately to justify the decision he and his party took to back the Tories all the way".

Liberal Democrats 'must make their voices heard'

Addressing party activists in Glasgow, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said:

Someone has to stand up for the liberal Britain in which we and millions of decent, reasonable people believe.

For tolerance, compassion, openness, unity - the values this party holds so dear.

If the Liberal Democrat voice is marginalised in British politics, our country will be meaner, poorer and weaker as a result.

We must not and cannot let that happen. We must make our voice heard.

– Nick Clegg

Clegg urges voters to give Lib Dems another chance

Nick Clegg has urged voters to give the Liberal Democrats another chance, after admitting his party have been tainted by government.

Nick Clegg addressing party activists. Credit: ITV News

The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged that he was "no longer the "untainted... fresh-faced outsider", vowing to learn from the "mistake" of his infamous U-turn on university tuition fees.

"How will you judge us? By the one policy we couldn't deliver or by the countless policies we did deliver in Government," he said at the party's conference in Glasgow.

Mr Clegg claimed his was the only party who stood up for "decent British values" against "un-British" politics.

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