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Grieving family launch ‘one pill will kill’ campaign

The family of a young man who died after taking one ecstasy tablet have launched a new campaign warning ‘one pill will kill’.

Jamie Burns, from north Belfast, was just 23 when he collapsed in the Students’ Union at Queen’s University in November last year.

He took one ecstasy tablet and died later in hospital.

The family said their campaign is born out of grief and a determination to make young people in Northern Ireland aware of the dangers of taking drugs.

Jamie’s mum, Lesley Burns, said: “We don’t want any other family to go through this heartache and devastation.”

Politicians, the police and football clubs are among the hundreds of people backing this plan to try and prevent more drug deaths in Belfast and beyond.

A new mural will also be unveiled at the Ardoyne interface as both sides of the community unite to battle this growing problem.

We are just a broken family, appealing to young people not to take anything when you’re out.

Yes, go out and enjoy yourselves - but come home to your parents.

– Lesley Burns, bereaved mum

Jamie’s dad, Billy Burns, said: “The purpose is to educate parents, trying to educate the kids that all it takes is one pill.

“People don’t realise that one pill can be completely different from the other.”

Police are currently investigating the deaths of five young people in Belfast at the moment, three of which may have involved drugs.

Chief Inspector Kellie McMillan said: “The PSNI welcomes the launch of this initiative and of course we will support all campaigns within the community to raise awareness about the potentially fatal consequences of drug use.

“We would encourage anyone who has knowledge of any individual who is involved in drug use or drug supply to contact the police.”

The campaign is also being supported by both Protestant and Catholic clergymen, who have visited many heartbroken homes where children have lost their lives because of drugs.