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Cardiff tattoo artist inks the stars

Marilyn Monroe is proving a popular choice for those getting a celebrity tattoo Photo: Wales News Service

A tattoo artist from Cardiff says his ink-portraits of celebrities and iconic screen characters have got such a following that there's now a waiting list of others who want to get their arms and legs decorated just the same.

It's £300 per face - and Chris Jones' back catalogue now features Judy Garland, Albert Einstein, Harry Potter and Woody from Toy Story. Chris - who's quickly becoming a bit of a star himself - describes his style as 'colour realism'.

Our reporter Rob Osborne went along to take a look at his work.

These realistic tattoos are very much in fashion. Actress Helen Flanagan showed off an image of Marilyn Monroe on her left forearm on the latest series of I'm A Celebrity.

Here are some of the tattoos Chris has done:

Chris has inked many book, film and television characters - Harry Potter is just the start Credit: Wales News Service
Hollywood actress and singer Judy Garland is among the real-life stars he's portrayed Credit: Wales News Service
This image of Oasis icon Noel Gallagher adorns someone's arm Credit: Wales News Service
Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi has also been requested by a customer Credit: Wales News Service

Chris has a number of tattoos himself, including a Star Wars image on his right leg, and a drawing of Iron Man on his right thigh.

Chris has been nominated for industry awards for his ink-work Credit: Wales News Service

I’m lucky in that people want these things and I tattoo a lot of like-minded people who are geeky about stuff. Getting a piece tattooed on them from their favourite comic or film is awesome.When it comes to colour realism people are generally amazed that it’s a tattoo. A lot of people don’t believe that it is. That’s what I enjoy doing the most because it’s challenging.

– Chris Jones, tattoo artist