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More than 50 schools face closure in Wales

ITV Wales has obtained figures showing more than 50 schools are earmarked for closure in Wales as councils juggle their budgets.

Beguildy primary school was described as the 'heart of the community' before it was forced to close in 2013.

Powys County Council decided that it could no longer afford to keep it open, a decision that devastated campaigners who fought against the closure.

Beguildy primary school closed it's gates to pupils in 2013. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Although many of our schools are highly regarded it’s clear that the quality of most of our school buildings are no longer suitable for education in the 21st century. Our young people demand the investment to compete with other parts of the country.

– Powys County Council
There has been lots of local opposition to keep small rural schools open. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Our Education Reporter Megan Boot has been finding out what the closure of the school has meant for the community:

Being such a close knit community the school was such a big part of that and it's no longer here so something has been removed from the community.

– Ella Harris, former pupil

It's really hard for children growing up in a rural community because it's quite isolated and it's really tough anyway and then when the schools gone you miss out on a lot.

– Jennifer Bright, mum of three
Some children now have to travel over the border to go to school in England. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

But Powys is not the only area in Wales that's faced tough decisions when it comes to the funding of schools, with around half of the local authorities in Wales facing school closures.

ITV Wales has obtained figures showing that more than 50 schools are earmarked for closure as council's attempt to cut their budgets.

Some closures also relate to plans to create schools for 3 - 19 year olds, by merging primary and secondary schools.

There are also plans for more than 16 new schools to be built across the country.

The Welsh Government says they "understand the challenges that rural schools face" and try to allocate their funding to local government by "taking into account the additional costs".

They also say despite UK Government cuts to their budget, they have made an additional "£106 million available for Welsh schools...with an additional £40m next year."

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