Coronation Street

The Platts Go Camping

The Platts holiday is set to be an explosive trip, that is anything but happy camping, when Audrey finds out the heartbreaking truth about who stole her savings.

On Monday 27th May, the family head off on what they expect to be a tranquil break from the street which is a gift from grandmother, Audrey.

But if Nick and David thought they’d be leaving their troubles back in Weatherfield, they are very much mistaken when an unwelcome visit from Natalie sends the brothers into a blind panic as their secrets threaten to surface.

The trip further spirals into the holiday from hell as Shona is furious to spot David in a close conversation with her love rival. Brimming with jealousy and hurt, Shona calls off their engagement.

The pressure reaches fever pitch as Nick and David argue about whether to come clean but it’s David who takes matters into his own hands, betraying his brother and dropping the bombshell to Audrey that it was Nick who stole the money and he helped him spend it.

A devastated Audrey is rocked by the news, could this be the catalyst that tears the Platts apart?

In the midst of the family frenzy, Gail is hellbent on meeting her TV heroine Lorraine Kelly after she hears she is holidaying in the same park. However in true Corrie style, the women find themselves in a hilarious situation that the Scottish presenter won’t ever forget.

The drama follows the family back to the cobbles when Nick tries to cut David a deal to take the rap. Can money buy David’s silence or has the battle between the brothers only just begun?

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