Bushtucker Trials

Can Ferne swallow A SPIDER?!

Ferne's the lucky one tackling our jungle delicacies in the final food related Bushtucker Trial. Can Ant and Dec tempt her with some actually very nice food though? If Ferne choses our restaurant quality food (like burger or steak) she'll lose out on stars, so try to stick just to the bull penis, Ferne. Oh, and a live, actual spider.

Critter Attack for George!

George is stepping inside a perspex coffin alongside thousands of critters and cockroaches. There's stars up for grabs but only if he can release them from their coils amidst the critter chaos. Has George of the Jungle got what it takes to complete his final Bushtucker Trial and, in doing so, help contribute food for their luxury final feast in Camp?

Vicky crawls through Surf and Turf

Can Vicky crawl her way through snakes, spiders, cockroaches and eels in order to unlock those all important stars? If she can win stars in this, her final Bushtucker Trial, she'll contribute food and drink to our Campmates' final feast.

Behind the scenes: Celebrity Cyclone!

It's here! Let's take a look at Celebrity Cyclone from behind the cameras...

It's the big one, the Trial we've ALL been waiting for! But what does Celebrity Cyclone look like from behind the camera lens? Take a look at these backstage snaps as our Celebs battle the balls in the wettest and wildest Celebrity Cyclone yet!

We hear there's a storm a'coming. A Celebrity Cyclone, in fact!

Bushtucker Trial: Saturday Fright at the Movies

George of the Jungle tackles his very first solo Bushtucker Trial. Prepare for a cinematic extravaganza as the curtain rises on Saturday Fright at the Movies. With some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters on show, what is there not to enjoy about a night at the movies?

Oh, of course, green ants, pigs' testicles, snakes and cockroaches. Any chance we can go to a different screening?